Tokyo Pop Lab enables its users to directly interact, manipulate, and influence the changing dialogue of pop culture. Given the globalization and rapid changes in trends today, the facade of this building aims to serve as a dynamic documentation of the ever-accelerating growth and influence of popular culture.

         The Lab utilizes an additive pod system, allowing the building to have a perpetual lifespan, constantly growing upward and  mimicking the development of popular trends.

     As popular trends resurface and reinvent themselves, vacuum transport tubes will connect users between similar brands or subjects, e.g. fashion, music, art, etc. Should a trend resurface a third time, the trend is rewarded with a sculptural vessel, occupying multiple pod ‘lots’, that is integrated directly into the facade fabric.

     The building is a lab producing a never ending ‘experiment’ influencing and educating the experience of both visitors and students about the importance, relevance, and impact of popular culture. Students will have direct access to legacy trends without the loss of history in text or inaccurate documentation. 

     The Lab is a cultural ecosystem in which everyone – both academics and corporations – benefit from the continual evolution. The visitors participate in the students’ goals to further the understanding of pop culture and the students provide the visitors access to an array of trends.


Collaboration with Zelig Fok and Alex Pena


Bee Breeders International Architecture Competition

Honorable Mention