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a panda sees as green due to the receptor deficiency. 

           The façade is a variation of red, which contrasts the lush landscape to the human eye. To the panda, the facade is green, blending into the landscape. The same concept is demonstrated in the bright orange camouflage found on most hunting apparel.

          Chromatic  is a panda inspired design for a Giant Panda refuge outside of Beijing, China. The form was derived from the distinctive black and white shapes of the Panda's fur. 
          Color also played and important role. Pandas have dichromatic vision, meaning that their eyes only have two color receptors.  

The human eye contains three color receptors therefore humans have trichromatic vision. The receptor absent from the panda eye is the one that allows humans to see red. 
          This means that the panda eye only detects yellow, blue and green. Therefore, we see the same blues and yellows as pandas but what a human sees as red a

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