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          I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016 with an Architecture BFA and Interior Design minor. Since graduation I’ve worked in event marketing where I designed spaces and graphics for clients from various backgrounds and industries in the US and abroad. I’ve worked alongside teams from small startups to established household names. I’m accustomed to collaborating with other roles including clients, account teams, estimators, engineers, and other designers.
          For the past five or so years I’ve taken a great interest in fashion, much of my free time has actually been dedicated to fashion. I’ve studied design processes, sewing, trends, and the business of fashion on weeknights. On the weekends I’ve participated in countless fashion shows, shoots, and various events. 


Being active in my local fashion community has been an invaluable experience for my personal as well as professional life. I’ve built relationships with many photographers, videographers, models, agencies, influencers, HMUAs, studios, publications, boutiques, and other designers.

          My multidisciplinary background has enabled me to see different perspectives and speak the language of multiple disciplines. I should also note that I work holistically; my approach automatically considers the small parts in connection with the larger picture. That approach has served me well across many projects to maintain consistency and unity.         

          In my free time I enjoy sewing, eating mangos, and daydreaming about fashion/wearables with my Italian Greyhound-Border Collie mix, Momo.

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